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Our Full Disclosure Fee Schedule:
 See disclaimer*.

  1. SET-UP FEE:  $ NONE! 
    No Set-up fee 
    for new accounts!**

  2. THE ONLY ONGOING FEE:    JUST 9%  ...of rent collected for single family homes. *Note: if we don't collect the rent, you don't pay a fee. There are other fees, see listed below, for maintenance, eviction costs and if property is sold by us on owners behalf. Plus; Multi-plex units earn a big discount, see that chart below!

  3. Leasing Fee - 25% of 1st months rent. Used to offset accounting and advertising costs, as hundreds of dollars are spent each month to manage and advertise our owner's homes for rent with various advertising media, vendors and employee time spent with showings.   

  4. Reserve - Owners Trust Fund -  $200/basic
    These funds are generally used for Emergency Maintenance needs, and to pay day-to-day operating expenses, making sure that services are performed promptly and bills are paid in a timely manner. A reserve of $200-$500 is normal for single family properties. Higher funding for Multi-family required depending on number of units in the complex.

    Lease Renewal Fee - No Fee! Many PM companies charge for renewal of an existing tenants lease. We are also now encouraging month to month rental of properties as a recommended method to better control tenant activities, ease of the eviction process if needed and a way to raise rent if needed without having to wait a year.

  5. Vacant Property Fee -  No Fee! Some PM companies charge the owners when a property is vacant as though it was occupied, with the idea that they have to still monitor it and take time to check on it and work on advertising it etc. - Our thought is that if you are not getting paid, neither should we.

  6. Notices & Legal Doc Fees - No Fee! *Note: If a tenant does NOT pay these costs, as happens sometimes with an eviction, the owner must pay these costs, but these go to collection normally. Includes Process Server Fees etc.

  7. Annual Administrative Fee - No Fee! A Year end charge of $25.00 is assessed by many companies to each property to cover preparation of annual statement and records.

  8. Property Inspection Fee - No Fee! Some Inspections can be very expensive. We do a photo and walk through inspection annually, plus on-spot when asked or if seen as needed and drive-by reviews.

  9. Eviction Costs/Fees -  $35 to $900Estimated average costs/fees for serving notices, Attorney fees, court appearances, evictions, etc. Process Servers and other hourly rates are typically $35-$50 while a fee for the whole eviction process usually comes in between $200-$1,100 (plus court costs). We use Landlord Services, Inc. as our eviction service.

  10. Early Cancelation Fee - No Fee!*  It's that simple. We just need a 30 day notice in writing. *We give you a way out if the rental is vacant with no approved applicant, then there is no fee. *EXCEPTION: If we have rented the home then there is a $500 cancelation fee if canceled prior to our one year agreement. 

  11. Unpaid Invoice Fee - 1.5% monthly. This is a small service charge (typically1.5%) that is added each month to all unpaid invoices that are past due.

  12. Bill Payment Fee - No Fee! Fee for making owner payments such as mortgage, insurance, home owners association dues, etc. We do not charge a separate fee, some others don't even provide this service.

  13. Sales Commission if Property is Sold = 1.9% to 6% -  
    We only charge 1.9% when sold to current tenants and we act as a Dual Agency with no other Agents to pay. There may also be a 3% fee charged if there is a Buyers Agent for a total of 4.9% when another agent is involved, such as when a buyer is brought to us by another Brokerage or if the tenant wishes to have their own Attorney or Buyers Agent for representation. Notice: when property is marketed and/or sold by BCI Properties, LLC or its agents as a Short Sale or other than to a tenant or buyer referred by the seller, then a standard 6% Broker Selling Fee shall apply which must be split with a Buyers Agent. We do all marketing with no fee or costs if their is no sale.

  14. Maintenance/Repair - 10% basic minimum. When repairs and maintenance is needed, we are hands on with supervision of the task needed. We negotiate with vendors for the best price on materials and labor, often saving 10-20% or more overall for the owner whenever possible.

    A. We must send out our Broker or other personel to inspect for repair needs.
    B. Make a work order, then call and setup a service call with 1 to 3 vendors.
    C. We generally pay up to 50% down on a job/repair initially, then inspect during the job.
    D. This is followed by a re-inspection with final payment if we are satisifed.

    These trips and time costs us a minimum of $25 an hour we must pay our personel..., and that is before we make any profit. We work as cheap as we can for an owner, but in the end we must pay our employees and re-coup our expenses of course. Our Price and Fee Chart above should prove that we are one of the least expensive PM companies you will find to provide the services we offer. 

    Example: A tenant called us about a leak under the sink. James our Service Tech went out and determined that there was a blockage he could not fix. He called Drain Pro, a vendor and Licensed Plumbing Company to fix it. They charged $89 an hour with a one hour minimum, and fixed it in an hour, yes they are fast. We had a sur-charge of $8.90 for our mans time. No charge for our service call to go take a look. So, why not just call the plumber in the first place?

    That is because we would have had to pay their minimum service call fee. Plus 90% of the time we can fix most things at less than half the price, or we may find out that it is not even a plumbing issue! *.....such as one time when he found a leak coming in from the outside gutter and into the back wall which looked like a plumbing leak but was not. The plumber would have charged their $89 minimum to go out and look at it.., but our man found it was a roof issue, not a plumbing issue, we had NO service call charge and our roofer fixed it for $150 flat.
    *See Section VIII of our owners contract agreement for more details


  1. Emergency Maintenance Fund -   
    A basic $200 fund is setup in an Owners Trust Fund. This is needed for us to be on call for basic maintenance and emergency repairs etc. to draw from for emergency maintenance or repair work, which we setup and manage. *Notice; any repairs or maintenance of your property which exceeds $200 or more will be approved by you the owner prior to any work being done for repairs. NOTICE: If we cannot contact an owner for approval in a timely manner for a true emergency, we will use our best judgement and may pay such costs ourselves when health and safety are involved, but will invoice owner or we may repay ourselves per the Property Management Contract. At all times we use caution and follow the law. - The option is that you may do your own maintenance and be on call if tenants have any issues, in which case we would not need the funds. - You may also ask us to take the $200 needed from a tenants 1st rent payment if you like. Please feel free to call us with any questions of course.., anytime


  2. PAYING FEES;  Emergency Maintenance Funding may be made in several ways. We can simply take this amount from the 1st month tenant rent. Or; you may pay in person or by mail with a Cashiers Check, Money Order or Personal Check.


Note, the properties do not need to be in one place together. There will be other terms and conditions that will apply and fees are subject to change dependent on negotiated contract..


RTO -  Rent to Own programs are same as FM / Full Management, with the exception that we act as your sales agent as well and will negotiate on your behalf with the tenant to purchase your home, normally within a one year period. Please note: we have a Fiduciary obligation to look out for your best interests as your agent and we will recommend to all renters/tenants that they have all documents reviewed by their own Attorney at their expense.

We will ask for a 1.9% sales commission or fee if no other agent is involved that will be all we receive. This is upon closing of a sale only and will receive no fee or commission on the sale if it does not materialize. You will have the right to accept or deny any and all such offers naturally.  There will be some additional Escrow fees you will need to pay, roughly about 2% total which includes the 1.78% tax. More details on request. - NOTICE: A full 6% commission is charged when the sale is a Short Sale or sold to a buyer who is not a tenant and/or is not referred to BCI by the owner of the property.

ADVERTISING IS FREE!  We advertise your home, apartment, condo/flat/loft, farm and commercial properties daily....until they are rented at NO COST to you via the internet/web on our own website and many others. Plus we are part of the Ft. Lewis & McChord Joint-Base "Relocation Services" network AHRN. Additionally, we are also Syndicated on the websites listed below, plus you have other options. In general if your property is priced right, we will have a renter within 3-5 weeks.

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We are Syndicated or Posted through the following companies*...and others:
 Clickable Directories, Inc.
 CLR Search 
 Google Base
 New York Times
 Point2 Homes
 The Housing Pages
 Yahoo! Classifieds

*Notice; since we do not own or post to all of these companies, however some of these post to others which has shown our listings up on some or all of these online Portals some of the time. We get out there in a big way, but there is no guarantee that your advertisement will show up on their system. We do post Ads as part of our daily routine.

 Office: (253) 531-1010. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS... THANK YOU!

 **DISCLAIMER - Please note that this is a guide to our basic fees and rates. Your contract will prevail and over ride any terms, conditions, fees or rates mentioned herein as some properties may be unusual or conditions may warrant an update in the contract that you will sign. Our current contract will be posted on a link to the left or call us anytime with questions.  *Note: we normally limit PayPal.com payments to under $100 in general, without prior approval due to this fee.


It is possible, although unlikely, that our rates/prices/fees may change or be modified from time to time
and this rate sheet may not be updated before you review it. Plus there may be other fees or costs to you
that are not listed here which are optional or not a common fee. So to avoid any mis-understandings please
double check by making a phone call to ask if rates have changed. Your contract with us will be the

actual only binding agreement. Although we pay for much of our advertising, some of the above affiliate/partner sites agree to post our ads free, but do not guarantee that our Ads will show up or be found as more and more often they now demand a fee.