"I have sold several rentals I managed for owners this year. Hire me to manage your rental today!" - Naomi Burke/Manager: (253) 683-0093
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Accounting Services

Our accounting experts allow you to relax while they take care of all financial transactions related to your property. Accounting services include:

  • We pay owners electronically direct to their bank account, or will send owners a check if they prefer, by the 15th of each month which will allow for tenant checks to clear and grace period etc. Our goal is to pay as soon as possible.
    *Yes, we pay electronically direct to your bank account. It is fast and easy with use of your account and routing number, then we will do it all for you by secure ACH software through AppFolio Corporation.*You will have an account assigned for you to see your property in whole or door by door, see:   link here
  • Monthly Rent Collection
    • Ensure that all rents are in by their due dates and posted correctly. When they are not received accordingly, we begin the unlawful detainer process.
  • Property Taxes/Insurance/Debt Service Payments
    • Receive and approve invoices, and make appropriate payments from the trust account.
  • Vendor Payments
    • Receive and approve invoices for satisfactorily completed work at the building and make appropriate payments from the building trust account.
      We never mark up outside vendor invoices, we send the retail invoice in as it is. We pay wholesale and sell retail as most companies do.
  • Bank Reconciliation
    • Receive monthly bank statement(s) and reconcile to all managed accounts in compliance with Department of Real Estate rules and regulations.
  • Monthly and Yearly Operating Statements
    • Provide monthly Operating Statements each month, detailing revenue and expenses for the previous month. We also provide year end statements
      that will include rent roll and invoice settlement for the year. See our fee chart at;  Fee Chart
  • Owner Distribution
    • Prepare, process, and make deposits on your behalf to most financial institutions.
  • Annual/Banked Rental Increases
    • Prepare and serve rental increase notices, which include all banking calculations, security deposit interest payment calculations.

Accounting services are a core component of our Full-Service Management package. Contact us for our specific accounting fees or for more information.