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Agent Referral Notice: This is not for members of the public. Only Licensed Real Estate Brokers & Agents qualify under state RCW laws.

β€œTo all Licensed Brokers: We pay incoming and outgoing referral fees. The referral fee is paid in accordance with state law. All referral fees are paid to the broker via their brokerage. All referral fee agreements are between cooperating brokers. It is illegal in Washington State to pay anyone other than a Licensed Broker who is working for a Brokerage a fee.

A. Incoming, meaning referrals you send to us. We will pay qualified real estate agents a 25% referral fee if the referred are Sellers or Buyers. Please fill out our handy form to start now and see our downloadable Referral Form as well.

B. Outgoing, meaning referrals we send to you. If we should get a good lead that we cannot service due to an overload of leads, buyers, and sellers who are currently in process or too far a distance for us to give them good service, we will ask for a 25% referral fee.

*Notice to Licensed Agents/Brokers: we are hiring Licensed Brokers (Agents) now!

Brief info:
1. For competent, fully qualified Licensed Brokers who work from home and hang their license with us: use of our Fax/Copy machines, shared work desks and 100% of commission, minus $699 per sale for our overhead which includes; shared desk space, unique Transaction Coordinator assistance, limited Legal Assistance, and first box of custom business cards.

2. For those who would like more help: free use of a desk/computer/phone, leads, weekly training and more: 30/70% split by contract, no monthly cost.

3. E&O Insurance coverage, B&O taxes, Legal advice and access to our attorney is all covered by 2.5% from each commission check.

Note: Private office space when available: $495/month, includes desk/chair, lock/keys, and high-speed internet. Brokers pay for their own advertising, business cards and transportation.

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    ***If you accept and submit this form, you realize that there is no guarantee that your referral will buy or sell from our company, or that a transaction will be successful for a number of reasons. We will mail out referral fees within seven days of receipt from Escrow and will expect the same in return. See attached form