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Darryl Brown

Don, Emily, and Amber,

First and foremost, we would like to thank you all for being so helpful and patient with us during this entire process. Initially we were shocked to see BCI offering to manage properties at such a low rate compare to competitors. But after our first meeting with Don we soon realized the genius to the BCI business model.

My wife and I are military and purchased our home in 2006. Being military it was only inevitable that we would have to move, and luckily we landed in paradise (Hawaii). Well, in the current housing market selling our home wouldn’t have been a very lucrative endeavour so we decided to rent in order to build a little more equity before cashing in. We searched high and low for the best management situation for our investment both economically and business wise. Little did we know that our search would lead us to find that the best management situation would also end up being the fiscally smart choice as well.

Don, Emily, and Amber took very good care our us, guiding us through this every step of the way. They were able to find us two reliable tenants to choice from in under 3 weeks and our home rented for exactly what we expected. We can’t say enough about BCI as a thoroughly organized family business. Their overall goal is customer satisfaction which is evident in the testimonials you see here today. They do an excellent job of ensuring everything is accounted for from maintenance to payments. They ensure every applicant is screened and seek home owner approval prior to all move ins. And most importantly they take pride in ensuring your home is in excellent condition before a tenant moves in and out of your investment.

Don really gets it! BCI can afford to offer the best rates because they manage more properties than any other company in the region, they maintain positive relationships with home owners, tenants, and maintenance companies, and they do far more with less payroll.

Don, as you already know we have a great amount of respect for you and a fond appreciation for BCI as a family business. You are truly a genius and are very lucky to have such a beautiful and magnificent wife like Emily to keep the books in order for over 170 properties. Thank you Emily for everything and being so prompt with the payments. And last but certainly not least, thank you Amber for being so patient and kind with us. Not to mention the fact that you were able to find two competing tenants in under 3 weeks. How bout that for customer appreciation…lol.

Thanks and “warm” wishes,
Darryl and Dalani