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Denise Gibbs

Hello, I am extremely pleased with BCI property management. One of my reasons…1. The response time when there is a situation at hand. My refridgerator on a friday night, of all days decides its going to stop working completely after buying groceries for the entire month on Thursday and on Saturday there are no office hours. Maintenance requests are filled out online (love that so I dont have to catch a ride to the office to fill out maintenance slip that also will require my signature), my worry..my maintenance slip won’t be seen until Monday during office hours and I have to find a place to store a refrigderator and I have a freezer filled with groceries…anxiety sets in as I go to sleep…BCI is so excellent with timely responses and actions to ensure tenant satisfaction! The assistant manager of BCI called me at 9:32 am informing me that someone from BCI would be bringing me a working refridgerator this morming. Whoa!..response time A++++ Physical action done and completed 10:17 a.m = A++++ BCI staff customer service A++++ = courtesy, knowledgeable about what needs to be done (Tanisha and Sam) = A++++… I have rented Homes, Duplexes, Apartments, and rooms for rent for the last 27 years of my life from Washington State to Georgia, some with on site management and some without onsite management and I can honestly say that BCI ROCKS! The best management team I have come across in my 27 year rental history. I would highly recommend. BCI Property Management to anyone including The President of the U.S. They are complete in all areas of their field. They are thorough and finish whatever they start! Don Leske I am proud to be a tenant. You should teach classes or give lectures on Property Management. Outstanding!