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This Frequently Asked Questions page pertains to property owners and Questions they have about our management services.
Best regards, -Don Sr.

From: Ryan P.
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2013 7:49 AM
To: Donald Leske II
Subject: Contact from “Contact Us” page at; www.BCIrent.com

Questions from a homeowner, with answers for you highlighted in yellow:

How long have you been a property manager? 30 years.

How long have you been a manager in this area? 25 years.

How many vacancies do you have right now? The average is 33.

Out of how many total units under management? Over 560 rentals in our database.

What is the average length of time it takes to fill a vacancy? From 2 to 5 weeks.

What does your lease look like? What is your late rent policy? You can download a
copy on our site, which will answer these questions…and more!

What percentage of tenants do you have to evict? …it varies, from 2 to 3 evictions per 60-90 days. Less percentage-wise than most all others.

How does the eviction process work here? We send out a 3-Day Notice to Pay or Quit. Most pay. If not we send them to our professional eviction Attorney.

What are your management fees? 9%………but, you will find “hidden fees” with most companies. I guarantee the lowest overall prices…, and NO hidden fees!

What do you charge for recruiting new tenants? No up-front fee. See our Fee and Price Chart online.

Do you charge for monitoring and maintaining vacant units? No charge to monitor, …see our price chart for other costs.

What are my guarantees? We guarantee to have the best prices and fees, plus best service…. Rated A+ with the BBB. Bottom line, you can switch to another company if not satisfied.

Do you also market properties as a broker? Yes, we market properties for sale and have sold 48 properties in 2012 with our team.

If I decide to sell my property, do I have to list it for you? No, you do not, however, if we list the property we are in a much better position to help the tenant find another rental and not cause problems that way with the new buyer. Tenant issues can cost you the sale.

How do you market your apartments? Please see that answer about halfway down this page….: www.BCIrent.com/property-manager

Do you recommend special incentives for tenants? Only if we do not have a renter in two weeks. Then we have options.

If I want additional marketing for specific vacant units, how would we arrange that? If there is a cost, then, of course, we would talk with you first as you would need to pay that cost. Normally our massive Advertising does it.

How do you screen prospects? How do your tenants contact you? We use two screening services. Tenants come into our office at times, but mostly…as with Military we get a lot of emails.


“My husband and I are buying a second home and would like to rent out our home. Can you give me some info you require to rent out our property? Such as insurance that the property will rent in a timely manner? And that your rates are reasonable? Look forward to hearing from you…”

Thanks, Manda A.

    1. You asked if there was any insurance, or assurance, that your home would rent in a timely manner?
      No property management company can guarantee that your home will rent quickly…, and no one can guarantee that the renter will pay on time each month. We think we do a better job than most other companies. The larger companies often turn over a new client to a 9-5 worker who punches a time clock and does not work weekends. Whereas we as owners personally handle each client’s rental home with care and yes…. we do work on Sundays! Please be aware that sometimes renters lose a job or get injured and lose work, they get divorced or sometimes just move out in the middle of the night. These things can happen to any rental property. What we can do is provide loss prevention.Loss Prevention: To have better success with our renters, we follow very strict with our guidelines. Tenant Screening is very important. We charge the applicant a $35 fee, which in turn goes to Landlord Solutions right here in Tacoma to do a thorough background check and criminal history, credit etc. – In short, we want good people who really want to pay their rent. We expect that you as a homeowner will keep up your Home Owners Insurance as well, which is required by your Mortgage Company also, as long as you owe money on your home.


    1. Did you ask if our rates reasonable? – In short yes. Our fee is less than the average that most companies charge. We do not charge extra to renew contracts with existing tenants as some property management companies do. We also do not charge a vacancy fee for some companies.


  1. You have more options with BCI Properties, LLC:
    • As a licensed Real Estate Brokerage we can also sell your home for you, if and when the time comes you wish to sell, and….at a big discount. Ask about my 1.9% special for Listing (4.4% total).
    • We are pro-active about our Rent-to-Own program. If you wish we can offer your home to renters with an “option to buy” in the future, these type of renters tends to be more serious.
    • We “shop” for the best rates if and when any maintenance is needed. An example is Barnett Pro Maintenance in Tacoma. His website lists his rates at $65 an hour. However, he only charges $45 an hour for jobs that are scheduled and Invoiced through our company BCI Properties, LLC. This is because we give him dependable work and we pay right away without him having to wait. You save about 30%, we charge 10% for our maintenance fee to pre-inspect, set up the time and amount to pay for the repairs and re-inspect afterward for satisfaction. Total savings to our client is about 20% overall. That is a good deal in anybody’s book.

    We are a small company, but we are a very much “hands-on” management solution and we have time to give you personal attention. The larger companies just want to toss you into the mix with a few hundred other clients, where you will often times get lost. Some of the rentals we have taken over are for homeowners just like you…, coming from larger companies who allowed the home to be vacant for months. Often in these cases, we have them rented in a timely manner. I hope we never get too big to care.

Name: Richard A.
comments: Hello,
I own a property in Bonney Lake that I need to have managed as the rental property. What do you offer? – Regards,

Property Owner

Hello Richard,
Thank you for your interest in our local Property Management services! Your answer to our fee is answered in detail below. We are a hands-on company, meaning that even after 25 years of property management we as owners still handle the day to day business in person to ensure that both owners and tenants are well cared for. Richard…here are a few thoughts:

    • Professional Management: If you own a rental home, duplex, apartment or a Multi-unit complex that you need assistance with or would like help with managing, renting & maintenance. You need a  professional Licensed Property Management Company.

We will do the work for you, call us today! We have managed rental homes and properties for over 23 years and have a support team for all contingencies. We are licensed by the Washington State Department of Licensing in Olympia and are fully insured & bonded with multi-million dollar coverage. We are also members of the Olympic Rental Association and the local and National Association of Residential Property Managers.



  • Maintenance etc –
    We are experienced in important areas, such as maintenance of rental homes and apartments, leasing homes and apartments/condos/lofts, collections, marketing, advertising, tenant relations, financial analysis and budgets, and knowledge of relevant local and state laws. We are a “hands-on” company, servicing only local properties!




  • We are fully Licensed and Bonded. Be aware of those who are not. Anyone who manages rental properties for another person other than their own property is required by State Law to be duly licensed as a real estate agent or Broker. I am a licensed Broker.


If you are interested in our professional property management,
call today for more information or to schedule a meeting. -Don

We follow the letter of the Law regarding all facets of our business including, but not limited to, providing proper trust accounts for both owners and tenants, serving required lead disclosure forms, 3-day notices to pay or quit, rules and regulations and other legal documents to tenants… plus, we have a good relationship with maintenance and service people who will handle any and all repair, maintenance and clean-up work as needed fast, and at a fair price to keep the costs low. We totally understand the need to bring your funds in, not to spend your money unwisely. Call us today.

We do have a Property Management Manual for owners and a Contract for Services that you will need to sign for us to have authority to manage your property if you decide to allow us to work for you. Please know that we will need an inspection & review of your property, funding the account for maintenance & advertising needs, collecting required documents, trust account set-up and keys etc.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Emily or I will also call today to follow up on this email as well.
My direct line is;  Don – (253) 241-6695.