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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Question:  “What if my credit is not so good & what are you looking for in a tenant or renter?”

We do not look at the credit scores too hard in general…, as long as the applicant is not a Credit Bandit… someone who just never pays any bills. Low scores and a few explainable collections are not an issue normally. As a Property Management Company we represent different owners and so we have tailored our criteria in 5’s.

The 5 things we are looking to avoid…;

  1. Recent Evictions.
  2. Serious criminal history.
  3. Sex offenders class A&B.
  4. People who cannot even pay 1st-month rent & deposit.
  5. People who do not keep their past or current rental clean inside and out.

The 5 things we like to see up front;

  1. A job, or good verifiable source of income.
  2. Non-smokers in most cases.
  3. No pets in most but not all cases.
  4. Two sources of income in a household, not required but nice to see as it adds to the dependability of rents being paid on time.

The 5 things some owners do and some do not allow;

  1. Section-8 or Welfare.
  2. Poor credit.
  3. dogs and/or cats.
  4. Payments on the deposit to help tenant relocate easier.
  5. Smokers.

The 5 most common causes of an Eviction;

  1. Nonpayment of rent.
  2. Suspicion of drug activity.
  3. Failure to keep the rental clean or at least presentable.
  4. Causing a continued disturbance or nuisance.
  5. Allowing people to move in who are not on the lease, causing an overburdened use of the dwelling in terms of wear & tear.

The 5 things we like to see from tenants over time;

  1. Rent paid on time (sound familiar?).
  2. Keeping their place clean, inside and out (more important than people think).
  3. No complaints from neighbors or police.
  4. Happiness with the rental in general.
  5. Good neighbor activities, such as part of a neighborhood watch or looking out for the welfare of neighbors by calling in suspicious activities.

In general, do not worry too much about your credit.
In short, do you have Evictions in your history? Are you or anyone living with you a convicted felon? Will you have the ability to pay?

Question:  “Why are Landlords sometimes SO Tough and hard on tenants, can I just talk with the owner of my rental home?”
Question:  “What if my credit

As a Landlord for over 340 homes and apartments, normally I encourage owners to not be involved with tenants, nor have any kind of contact, because when we act as a professional Landlord…, at times we have to be a bit harsh and tough. At these times the tenant will always reach out to the owner for consideration, help or mercy if they have the owners’ contact information, in an effort to circumvent our authority. Owners hire us oftentimes to do what is so hard for them to do…, and that is BE Tough. –

– The reason is mainly that many owners have a hard time demanding rent, which can be harsh. More importantly, Owners have a Mortgage to pay and if they are late the Bank or Lien Holder REALLY does not care. It can easily affect the owners’ credit and lead to Foreclosure.., sad to say. So, in the end, we must do what we are hired to do and that protects our owners…., while also helping tenants if and when we can within the limits of RCW Law codes.

One way we help tenants is to give them a list of organizations who, depending on circumstances, will often either pay or help pay rent for tenants in distress. Another way is for us to approach owners with requests for modification of rent for a month or other terms to help tenants in need, or give free counseling for those tenants who need it ….and are willing to hear and apply what we teach. We love our tenants and owners both…., but we have a Fiduciary Duty to owners.

We are tenant advocates online at allexperts.com

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I hope this has helped.

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-Don Leske II / Landlord & Licensed Property Manager