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Homer D.

Hello everyone,

Feelings: (….after too much initial owner involvement in screening, maintenance etc…, which should have been left up to BCI management services.)

1 – BCI acquires higher quality renters faster than any other property management firm or our own efforts. We absolutely depend on the service levels that BCI Rentals delivers.

2 – The happenstance clustering of turn-over’s is just hitting us hard financially. (7 rental properties, 3 vacancies) It is vital to us that we minimize the number of days vacant on the personal properties in particular.

3 – We felt we asked the right “stability” questions to the 2-month wonders in 14724A. (owner involved in screening) We feel snookered by their answers. Their “motel” behavior rolls me in the mud. We found that we needed to change from a month-to-month to a 1-year lease belief. (as BCI recommended initially) Changing this policy will pretty much eliminate this problem. (….naturally.)

4 – We greatly value the openness of BCI. We always feel welcome to talk, vent, push, suggest and cry. For that, we are grateful. Sometimes we fail to express it. You are all doing superior work and it is appreciated. (…past PM company was a disaster.)

Thank you, Homer