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Jennifer Bannister

Hi Don,

You guys have been amazing. There have been times that I have called impatient and frustrated and I have been welcomed with nothing but understanding and genuine helpful attitudes…. From literally every person on your team. The frustrations I’ve had, were there because of the situation with our unreliable tenants; not because of anyone at BCI. BCI has been nothing but supportive. You and your team are appreciated more than you know. In regards to the negative reviews I’ve come across, I think that some owners have unrealistic expectations. It’s not as though a property manager can be at every property everyday. I know firsthand that if I, as an owner, have any concerns at all, that you guys are right on top of things. I’ve seen complaints about texting and a lack of return calls. Personally, in today’s technologically advanced age, I feel like a quick text can be more convenient than a phone call as you guys are busy and so are most of your clients. Should I choose to call in place of a text, Kris is always available to answer or return calls in a timely manner. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. We appreciate all of your hard work!!!!

Sincerely, Jen Bannister”