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Low Income & Homeless

Yes, some of our housing accepts Section-8 Housing Vouchers and we work closely with Associated Ministries, Catholic Community Services, and other organizations to help our community. Here is a link to PIERCE COUNTY, WA HOMELESS SHELTERS, SUPPORTIVE HOUSING, HALFWAY HOUSING, TRANSITIONAL HOUSING, DAY SHELTERS: https://www.shelterlistings.org/county/wa-pierce-county.html


I would like to share how we help our locals in need. We are a caring property management company, BBB A-rated with the first ever Award for our efforts to help the homeless by Associated Ministries. We have teamed up with Associated Ministries, Catholic Community Services, and other organizations to help provide housing for anyone in need but especially the homeless.

We have over 570 rental doors, mostly single-family homes with some apartments and rentals starting at $400 a month, although as of this writing our lowest is $550 a month this changes weekly. Our vacant rentals number from 15 to 30 on average per month, including the higher priced homes, with from 7-10 affordable rentals on average. We need more affordable rentals and offer discounts to owners who hire us to manage them, as one way to give help.

Latest News:

    1. Low-income housing. Rooms for rent! Convenient location in the city. Shared common areas and wheelchair accessible restroom. Kitchen with eat in area. Washer and dryer on site. All utilities included in rent! From $400 to $550 a month. Deposit $400 App $50. See our listings at; www.BCIrent.comCurrently under development –
      A. Low-income apartments. This is a project we started at Lakewood Estates at 5607 Boston Ave. SW, Tacoma WA 98499 to refurbish 1/one and 2/two bedroom apartments which will keep affordable rents at $650/$750 a month.

      B. Homeless Senior Housing – Starting at $300 a month which will include all utilities.We just took over management of a new program for 55+ homeless seniors at a location we are just now preparing at 640 N. Fife Street, Tacoma. We also work daily with Catholic Community Services, Tacoma Housing Authority and other leaders in our community to help low income and the homeless when and where we can. Senior rooms with shared facilities such as kitchens and baths. Ambulatory seniors who can care for themselves only as there are no caregivers nor any aid workers at this location. Monitored by Secure Pacific camera system, any family member or governmental authority may look in at our common areas anytime. Fully licensed by the City of Tacoma when we open.

    2. Give back program. We give back to participating non-profit organizations and rental property owners who apply for our Give Back Program, with cash, credit back, incentives and management discounts for all who apply in order to promote help for our homeless and less fortunate.
    3. Risk Management Program. For the applicants for housing with bad credit, have been convicted of a felony, an eviction on their record, low income and other non qualifying conditions which keep them from having suitable housing we have a unique program which helps those who have qualifying jobs, proof of income and can afford good housing, but is denied due to their record.
      Ref; http://bcirent.com/docs/Risk-Management_1-06-2016_watermarked.pdf


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