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Purchase of PM Company!

Hello, my name is Donald J. Leske Sr. I am the owner of Business Consultants Intl. and I would like to propose a great deal for any owner of a Property Management Company, who are perhaps tired of the daily stress of business or is ready to retire and is simply looking for a reasonable way to step away from his or her company with dignity the most net funds in the end.

21214 First, how do you determine the “net worth” of your company? I can help with that.

Second, perhaps you have discovered that no matter what the price is, the government will want around 30% Capitol Gains Tax upon sale. That can be a shock in itself and has held up many an otherwise good deal of going forward. Check with your Tax person to confirm.

Third, the market is notoriously harsh as buyers are few and I am sure you have found out that those who do buy want the bargain of the century for often less than half of what you want to sell for. (and you still have to pay capital gains tax)

What I would propose is similar to a full price offer, but paid over time by an Attorney written and ratified contract which would all but nullify any capitol gains tax. I and the owner of a company I just bought have paid for such a contract to be written. He is Jim Vanderwarker, the designated broker of RE*USA Northwest LLC which I have just purchased.

reusa Basically, I will pay a few thousand down like Ernest Money. Then I will take over the entire company, in some cases, this will include all debt as well. The seller has full rights by contract and a lien on the company. Each month, I will fully service all rental accounts including maintenance, insurance, debts and full bookkeeping & accounting. We take 30% off the top of the net income and split the remaining net 50% so the seller will receive a healthy check each and every month for a preset number of years, which can average 10 years or more. Sellers have NO liability, NO debt and receive a monthly settlement with their check.

The contract of sale carries on after God has called us, for the sellers’ estate to enjoy. I would be glad to discuss this process more in depth if you would like to know more.

Thank you.

Donald J. Leske Sr.
Managing Broker
9702 South Tacoma Way, Lakewood WA 98499

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