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Some insurance companies will not write or renew homeowners or renters insurance policies for people who own a certain kind of dog. The companies worry that they will face large claims if a dog injures or even kills someone at the home. According to InsuranceYak.com, dog-bite claims cost insurers almost $350 million in 2002, which accounted for 25 percent of all liability claims. Unfortunately, even a “good” dog of any of these breeds will not be allowed to reside or even be permitted on any of our properties.

Tenants found to have any banned dogs on our rental properties, even to visit, will be immediately evicted. Owners that give permission to tenants to have dogs that are on this list will be asked to provide proper insurance coverage. Safety should be a real concern for us all.

Here is a partial list:

akita_60 Akita
alaskanmal_60 Alaskan Malamute
chow_60 Chow Chow
doberman_60 Doberman Pinscher
gshepard_60 German Shepherd
pitbull_60 Pit Bull
presacanario_60 Presa Canario
rottweiler_60 Rottweiler
siberianhusky_60 Siberian Husky
sbullterrier_60 Staffordshire Bull Terrier
wolfhound_60 Wolf hybrid make poor pets and are impossible to inoculate against rabies.