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Review of Services

We will evaluate your property and determine an accurate rental rate.

A visit to your property occurs only after you hire us and sign our contract, as we have seen thousands of homes in the area over the past 30 plus years. Our visit after being hired is where we can advise an owner of what is needed to make their home “rent ready” and that is when we do much of our work in photography and evaluation for rent rates etc. It is part of the job we do for owners.


  • Perform detailed photo documentation of the interior and exterior, with an action report.
  • Offer recommendations on cosmetic improvements that maximize rent & a good ROI.
  • Gather data on rental rates in the area to determine the best rental rate.
  • Discuss with owners the pros and cons of our policies such as accepting pets, smoking etc.
  • Install a RENTLY® lockbox, optional. For details please see:  http://use.rently.com/faq
  • Hire someone to clean, paint, or make repairs as needed.
  • Advertise, take rental calls, and show the property
  • Screen all applicants professionally, including criminal, civil and background checks for Felonies and past evictions. Plus a call to their former landlord and place of employment.
  • Execute a rental agreement, with addenda.
  • Provide an online account for all owners, with 24/7 access to review payment history, documents, and notes from BCI to owners, plus fully automated electronic payment to owners!
  • Provide online “Bill Pay” access for all tenants.
  • Provide a Full Maintenance & 24-Hour Emergency service for owners & tenants.
  • Tenants are asked but not forced to obtain Renters Insurance.
  • Fill out move-in inspection report with photos as prescribed by RCW Law.
  • Collect all funds including tenant deposit money to put in a Trust Account.
  • We do not allow tenants to have your contact information.
  • Confront tenants if they do not pay the rent on time.
  • Issue 3-day and other Legal notices and we work with a professional Eviction Service to aggressively deal with late payers.
  • Confront tenants to take better care of the property and to keep it clean in general.
  • Collect NSF checks and work with collection agencies as needed.
  • Schedule and fill out the move-out inspection report, to compare with the move-in report.
  • Mail tenants accounting report and refund check upon termination.
  • Repeat the same process all over again when the house is vacated.


  • Do you know all of the landlord/tenant laws for your city, state, and federal government?
  • Do you know The Law of Real Estate Agency and legal requirements?
  • Do you know the law about mold issues and the law regarding it?
  • Do you know The law on Lead-Based Paint issues, how it can affect your tenants and you?
  • Do you know rent values, vacancy factors, and time on the market in your area?
  • Do you have a rental application and consistent screening policies that meet your entire legal obligation?
  • Do you take the time to perform thorough move-in/move-out written inspections and routine property inspections?
  • Do you personally know reputable painters, electricians, roofers, chimney cleaners, carpenter, furnace and appliances repairmen who are licensed, affordable, and reliable?
  • Do you effectively confront and negotiate with the tenant and enforce the terms of your rental agreement?
  • Do you have the ability to recover NSF checks, evict tenants and collect bad debts?

A Professional Property Manager is an Asset

BCI Properties, LLC is a Professional Property Management Company, dedicated to selecting quality tenants and keeping your investment in good repair with minimal cost. We want your real estate investment to be profitable and successful.

Lease Expiration

  • We will attempt to renew the tenants’ lease for another year with if we deem it needed and possible with a slight rent increase.
  • Should the current tenant decides not to renew the lease and vacate the property, we may go month to month, or place our “For Rent” sign on the premises and begin showing the property again, depending on circumstances and how good the tenant is. Our goal is to have no vacancy.

Property Inspections

We will conduct the following property inspections on your property:

  • We will be Pro-active with added inspections when your property is vacant
  • “Move-In” inspection report is conducted with the new tenants prior to their moving in
  • Contact is made with the new tenants to make sure that all is well with the house after move in and to go over their “Check in” sheet.
  • “Move-Out” inspection and documented report of the condition of the property is filled out.

Collections and Delinquencies

Timing is crucial when it comes to renting collections. To avoid any misunderstandings, our policy regarding delinquencies is brought to the new tenants’ attention. Late charges are heavily imposed to avoid any delinquencies. Our policies are as follows:

  • Rents are to be collected on the first of each month
  • A 3-Day Notice to Pay or Vacate notice is given to the tenant on the fourth day of the month. This is the start of the eviction process.
  • If the tenant fails to make their payment after receiving the 3-Day Notice to Pay or Vacate notice, we will continue to the next step of the eviction process with the help of Landlord solutions, who specializes in evictions. You will be receiving a letter from BCI Properties, LLC of the progress.
  • We will follow through with the process until the actual eviction of the tenants with the supervision of the Sheriffs Department.

Accounting Department

  • Rental payment check and the monthly statement will be mailed to you as soon as tenants check clears.
  • A monthly report, as well as an annual report, of your income and expenses of your property, will be sent to you.
  • Mortgage payments and/or homeowners association payments will be mailed if you instructed us to do so.
  • In the last month of your tenants’ lease, we will hold additional funds in your trust account to protect you by ensuring that adequate funds are available to make your rental “rent-ready”.


All tenants are required to submit all maintenance requests in writing. However, in order to preserve the value of your property and maintain a positive relationship with the tenants, the home must be properly maintained.

A. You can expect that BCI Properties, LLC will not do any repairs to your property in excess of the amount agreed upon on page 2 of the Exclusive Rental Agency, Employment Contract and Power of Attorney without first obtaining your approval.

NOTE: This excludes emergencies and repairs that are required by law.

    • In order to improve the properties rent-ability to prospective renters, we will maintain the property (example: mow lawn and weed, clean the house, shampoo the rug, repairs, utilities, and paint when necessary) at a nominal cost to the owner.

      *In the event that any of these repairs were caused by the former tenants, you can expect that we will use the security deposit of the renter to restore its pre-rented condition upon move out before asking owners for funds.


    • Minor maintenance and repairs requested by rental applicants to secure a lease will be performed no more than the amount agreed upon on page 2 of the Exclusive Rental Agency and Employment Contract and Power of Attorney. Locks are changed prior to the new tenant moving in to avoid the possibility of any liability.


    • We will institute maintenance and repairs when deemed necessary for the preservation of your property, safety, and security of tenants and/or the continuation of the residents’ tenancy.


    • We will use only qualified repairmen and tradesmen to handle the type of work being performed on your property.


  • Invoices for all maintenance and repairs will be provided.

What you need to know about BCI Properties, LLC –

We at BCI Properties, LLC take pride in specializing in the management of single-family homes and multi-family units in Pierce County. We want to make sure that the homes we maintain are in the best shape they possibly can be. All in-house maintenance performed is managed and supervised by BCI Properties, LLC.

We understand how difficult and stressful moving can be and what a burden it can add to your finances having to maintain another home. Our commitment is to rent the home as quickly as possible with good quality renters who will take care of the property and value it like you have. We advertise our rentals locally and nationally and work with the Military Relocation Network and Section 8 services.

We strive to have good personal relationships with our clients and tenants.

We can also assist you in finding rental properties and also assist owners to sell their home. As a real estate agent, we come in contact with a lot of people looking either to buy or rent.

In summation, our goal is to…

  • 1. Provide our management services and communicate with owners about their funds and property condition in a timely manner;
  • 2. Screen tenants thoroughly to find those who will pay on time and keep your property clean;
  • 3. Keep your property maintained and in good repair inside and out, to the best of our ability;
  • 4. Keep your property rented long term with low vacancy.