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by Timothy Andress on Blank Business Name
Dream Come True

We had a great experience with Naomi! While she managed our property we had every answer to every question within a few days. Once we were ready to sell she took our property by the horns and had an offer the very next day!

My wife and I are still in shock at house easy it was to sell, and better then we thought possible as we got every penny we asked for and we didn’t pay closing. It was a dream come true! Thanks so much Naomi - Andress Family

by Tamara on Blank Business Name
Reasons to rent frkm bci orooerties

Hello I just would like to let you know what a great company BCI properties is I have rented from them for 8 years. They have helped with replacing the appliances many times even though they were would break, they would replace them again with new ones, when they would replace without any hassle or fuss aand without charge. I call them and they come over quickly. If there is anything wrong with things, example : the garbage disposal ,which has also been replaced ,they've helped with any kind of issue going on . If I need something from the landlord they would quickly go and get permission for repairs and I appreciate what they've done all these years. They have always been fair and reliable. They do not try to take advantage of there tenants in anyway, but are there to mske sure your home is taken care of and that you have a home that you can live in without fear of a slum landlord or getting kicked out they very very caring individuals that csre about your well-being, where you live and I noticed their landlords that they go through are very happy because they quickly and in a timely manner take care of any issues.I really do appreciate them. I hope you can too. I hope to get to stay here as long as possible with a good real estate office that is fair, so if you want to get a good home or rent your home , go to BCI properties because they are good people and honest, thank you for reading

by Stan & Nancy C.N on Blank Business Name

“Finally. Thank you for a job well done.”

by David M. on Blank Business Name

“As first time home buyers you really put us at ease. We love our new home! My military carrier makes it hard to deal with such matters as buying a home. You got it sold with no problems just as you promised. Thanks.”

by Sandy and Anthony Robeson on Blank Business Name

We have rented from BCI Properties for about 5 years and have always been treated fairly and with the complete respect from Don Leske and his team. They respond quickly to our needs and if we ever have a concern Don is always on the spot to personally take care of it if need be, but his team can always handle the task. We appreciate their professionalism and are happy to rent at BCI Properties.

by Mr Berry on Blank Business Name

Here is what MrBerry2 wrote: How likely are you to recommend Donald Leske II? Highly likelyRate Donald Leske II / BCI PROPERTIES LLC on specific characteristics:BCI has managed my rental for the past several years. They have done an excellent job of screening tenants and keeping the property rented with responsible folks. When repairs are needed, I have been fully informed and they take care of whatever is needed on my behalf. Although I currently live several states away from the property that they manage for me, I rest easy knowing they are capable of handling any issue that arises. I recommend BCI without hesitation.Service provided Property manage a home I ownStreet address 19837 SE 267th Pl, Covington, WA 98042 Year = 2016

by Censhalom on Blank Business Name

5 STARS!!!!!Censhalom was asked: How likely are you to recommend Donald Leske II? = Highly likelyDon and his team have managed the rental of my home 1,000 miles from where I am currently staying. I am very thankful I found BCI.When I was first looking for property management, and did not have favorable results in my local area, my son said, “Check out Tacoma.” I did and called Don. Our talk was productive and informative and fun. His experience and knowledge confirmed my choice of BCI. Thanks team!Service provided: Helped me find tenant for rental Street address P.O. Box 902, Ojai, CA 93024

by Mattie R. on Blank Business Name

Here is what Mattie wrote: How likely are you to recommend Donald Leske II and BCI PROPERTIES LLC? Highly likelySummary of experience: Pleasure working with this company! Helped me manage my rental for over 4 years from 3000 miles away. Certainly no small task! Thank you for all of your time and help!Service provided for Military Family: Property managed a home I own.Street address 19717 91st Ave E, Graham, WA 98338 Year: 2016

by Denise Gibbs on Blank Business Name

Hello, I am extremely pleased with BCI property management. One of my reasons…1. The response time when there is a situation at hand. My refridgerator on a friday night, of all days decides its going to stop working completely after buying groceries for the entire month on Thursday and on Saturday there are no office hours. Maintenance requests are filled out online (love that so I dont have to catch a ride to the office to fill out maintenance slip that also will require my signature), my maintenance slip won’t be seen until Monday during office hours and I have to find a place to store a refrigderator and I have a freezer filled with groceries…anxiety sets in as I go to sleep…BCI is so excellent with timely responses and actions to ensure tenant satisfaction! The assistant manager of BCI called me at 9:32 am informing me that someone from BCI would be bringing me a working refridgerator this morming. Whoa!..response time A++++ Physical action done and completed 10:17 a.m = A++++ BCI staff customer service A++++ = courtesy, knowledgeable about what needs to be done (Tanisha and Sam) = A++++… I have rented Homes, Duplexes, Apartments, and rooms for rent for the last 27 years of my life from Washington State to Georgia, some with on site management and some without onsite management and I can honestly say that BCI ROCKS! The best management team I have come across in my 27 year rental history. I would highly recommend. BCI Property Management to anyone including The President of the U.S. They are complete in all areas of their field. They are thorough and finish whatever they start! Don Leske I am proud to be a tenant. You should teach classes or give lectures on Property Management. Outstanding!

by Michael M. on Blank Business Name

From: Michael M. Sent: Tuesday, September 08, 2015 8:36 AM To: Marsha Medani Subject: Hope you had a great Labor Day!Hey Marsha,Thanks for all your help the other day. You’re the best. Carpets look great now. Let me know if I need to do anything to get the water turned on. I’ve had the move-in checklist done for sometime now, just haven’t had internet yet to e-mail you. I’m going to drop off the hard copy to your office later today.Mike M.

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