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Tenant Info

You may come to our office or call us at (253) 531-1010 and we will help you.

We require that all tenants have a “Renters Insurance” policy. Cost can be from $15-$30 a month on average.

  1. We do NOT allow pit bulls or other dangerous dogs. Click here to see a partial list.
  2. We do NOT allow smoking inside our rental homes. We are certified by Tacoma Pierce County Health Department as a Non-Smoking rental company.
    We may deny applicants who have a felony or eviction which is less than 5 years old, although we do make some exceptions on a case by case basis, through our Risk Management Program*.

Here are the steps to proceed:

Step 1. Print out & sign Screening Consent form, see link on the menu at the left. Also, along with this form please email us two copies of your ID, one must be a copy of your photo ID that is government approved, like a Drivers License or Passport etc.

Step 2. Fill out the rental application, on the left side menu under step 2.

Step 3. Pay screening fee, see Link on the menu at left.

Step 4. Download & Read Lease Agreement on the menu at left, which may be filled out AFTER you have received full approval of your application by our Office Manager or Property Manager. You will be provided with an original via email/PDF or other means, which must be completely filled out, signed and dated. Then it must be reviewed and approved by our staff. A “Watermarked copyright” version is downloadable at the left side menu as a sample for your review. We will supply you with a non-watermarked version when you contact our office, by email, fax or regular mail but the watermarked version is valid.

*Risk Management Program: This is an option in the form of an Addenda to your Lease, offered for some of those people who would not normally be allowed to rent due to credit, evictions, past damage to a rental and/or criminal history. On a case by case basis, there is an option to pay an added fee of $100 each month, which will normally be deleted after 12 consecutive months of successful rent payments on time every month, plus an in-home inspection at 90-days initially and then every 6 months. During your tenancy in our RM Program, we must keep an extra watchful eye on how you pay and how you care for your rental, plus we drive by your rental on an irregular schedule so we can give the property owner some hopefully good feedback. After 12 consecutive months of good rental payments, you can request to be removed from this RM Program. We will inspect your rental for any damages and cleanliness. If our inspection checks as good, then you will then receive a letter on our BCI PROPERTIES stationary to state that you are an A-rated Tenant. You may then request that the monthly fee is stopped or deleted.

If you need this option please ask us for more details. Please note that not all applicants qualify.

AFTER YOU ARE APPROVED we need the following;

  1. Two forms of  I.D., one with a picture must be with your application if it is approved and you sign a rental lease. For those who apply totally online, you can fax or email copies of ID.
  2. Renters need Six months of Verifiable residence history from a landlord or ask for a waiver, which can be issued on a case by case basis if there are no screening issues.
  3. 1st-time renters may be required to provide an additional refundable security deposit equal to half months rent, which shall be refunded after 12 months of successful rent payments without being late.
  4. Two (2) or more 3-day notices within a 12 month period, in the past, may result in denial.
  5. Two (2) or more NSF checks within a 12 month period, in the past, may result in denial.
  6. Rental history reflecting any unpaid past due rent, damages or Eviction, may result in denial.
  7. Rental history showing unpaid damages to a rental, will require the additional security deposit and/or may result in denial.
  8. Rental history with disturbance complaints may be denied.
  9. You must acknowledge receipt or have read these booklets (linked at left):
    A. The Law of Real Estate Agency, regarding your rights.
    B. Lead-Based Paint Brochure, for homes older than 1978.
    C. Mold in Your Home
    *Note: you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. If you do not have this program you can download it free or contact us and we will email or mail you these brochures free of charge.


  1. Monthly household income should be equal to three (3) times the monthly rent. Exceptions may be granted with a good explanation. If monthly household income does not meet three (3) times stated monthly rent, additional funds may be required as a security deposit to ensure rent payments.
  2. A current paycheck stub will be required, and we may verify income over the phone.
  3. Some form of acceptable verifiable income will be required for unemployed applicants, such as those approved by Section 8, Military BAH allowance and/or alimony or child support.
  4. Self ­ employed applicants will be required to provide proof of income by tax returns.
  5. Alternative income will be considered, such as child support, Section 8, alimony, SSI payments etc.


Verifiable employment is required either by check stub or written letter from employer.

  1. If unemployed and unable to verify some kind of income to pay rent, the application will be denied.
  2. Added security may be needed for temporary or seasonal employees.
  3. Exceptions may be granted depending on a plausible reason, such as disability, Section 8, persons receiving payments with disabilities, SSI income etc.


Good credit is NOT actually required if poor credit can be explained. Many people have poor credit these days. We are wary of credit bandits who simply do not pay their bills and show a history of nonpayments.

  1. Excessive collections will result in a denial.
  2. Outstanding unpaid debt to current or past property managers or landlords will result in denial.
  3. Any applicant with past evictions may be denied, but we will consider each carefully.
  4. Nonpayment of past Utility bills will not be a good thing and can result in a denial.


  1. Any criminal offense may result in denial, at the discretion of property owner, depending on how old it is and the offense.
  2. Any collection filed by a property management company/landlord will result in denial.
  3. Any unlawful detainer action or eviction which has been within three (3) years results in denial.
  4. Any current 3-day notice will result in denial.
  5. HELP for those who do not qualify. Some applicants may qualify for our Risk Management Program, which is determined on a case by case basis. More info on request.

Requirements upon move out; if you are on a month-to-month or your Lease has expired, when you do move out you must:

A. Give us a 20 day written notice that you will be moving out “prior to the 10th of any given month” per RCW Landlord-Tenant Law.

B. Deposits are NOT allowed by Law to be used for payment of rent under any circumstances and are against the RCW law codes. Deposits are to cover any losses due to cleaning or repairs. Fees are non-refundable in all cases.

C. A move-out checklist shall be provided by landlord and cleaning is expected. Please see our Clean up on move out the link to see what we expect when a rental is vacated. If these items are not clean, then we must hire a company to do this for us and your deposit will be affected.

D. If repairs are needed due to tenant neglect or misuse, then the tenant is expected to affect these repairs or the cost will be billed to them if they exceed the deposit on hand.