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Tenant Tips & Help

TIPS to help the approval of a tenant application.

For anyone who has been turned down for housing or denied a rental and not told why, there are things they can do to improve their chances of being approved…, take it from me as a landlord with over 600 rentals.

I was a tenant myself for several years and I got cheated and lied to by my landlords more than once.., so I used to hate landlords. Now that I am one, I do not want to be like they were. Here are some tips;

    1. ALWAYS HAVE AN EXCELLENT APPLICATION. Many applicants do not fully fill out their application or have poor penmanship and errors which result in their being denied. Think about it, make sure all reference phone numbers work and go to people you trust to give you a good referral.


    1. DRESS CLEAN…when making a personal appearance to apply for a rental. Many landlords will feel that if you are dirty and look like a mess…, then that is how you will treat your rental.


    1. HAVE THE MONEY. Many tenants bring in the rent but do not have the deposit, or only partial payment for the 1st month. NOT a good move. Landlords will think that if you cannot even pay for the 1st month coming in.., that most likely you will have trouble paying rent on time. Do not shoot yourself in the foot.


    1. NEVER FORGET; the owner of your rental often has a heavy mortgage to pay. Even the large apartment complexes have huge mortgages and the landlords are expected to collect ALL the rents, or they can easily be replaced. Trust me on this; the Banks do not care about you or me. It is always about the money and they will foreclose on the property.


  1. BE HONEST; some tenants who are late or cannot pay their rent make up lame excuses in an effort to …get by. The best policy is to just be honest and tell it like it is. If you cannot pay your rent or catch up quickly, you should make plans to move out BEFORE you are evicted. Most property managers will not rent to anyone who has an eviction on their record.

I hope these tips help. More to follow. Feel free to ask questions on my Forum at:

Best regards to all,
-Don Leske Sr.
Licensed Property Manager

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