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Tips to make your home perfect for sale

By Previous Owner/Broker & Published Author; Donald J. Leske Sr.

Before putting your home up for sale, it’s very important to check certain factors to get your best deal. Part of this process is by analyzing market trends, plus finding out who is the competition in your locality, what are the needs of the buyers and more. This means you have quite a lot to take care of, hopefully, this article will help you make your homes perfect for sale. We can help you if you have a property near Gig Harbor “over the bridge” or in the Tacoma, Seattle or the Olympia areas that we serve because we can be directly involved in this process. In fact, we would love travel to you when you are ready to list your home for sale 7-days a week, either in Pierce County, King County, and Thurston County.

What about the competition

Before you put your home on the market, it’s better to check out the competition in your locality, or let us do that for you for free with our comprehensive CMA Guide [Comparative Market Analysis] which can be obtained by calling our office (253-531-1010) or our top listing agent Naomi directly (253-683-0093). Going to open homes and comparing your property to them is a fair option. Attending such events will also help you plan how well to stage your homes for sale. However, once your home is listed with BCI we will do that for you at no cost.

What do buyers want

Different people have different needs and requirements. We recommend that you give some thought about the probable needs of your buyers, which may vary across different age groups. Some families may like to have a fenced property or a separate and bigger bath, while a single professional may opt for a home that’s cozy and located favorably from where they can easily reach their office. Again, people with pets may look for pet-friendly homes. The Tacoma/Seattle area has several regions where home buyers can get a property of their desire. Since these cities have some of the country’s finest school districts, beautiful architecture and lots of job growth opportunities, it attracts buyers with different needs. You should talk to our local salespeople, who contact and meet buyers regularly, to know what your potential buyers would want.


What about Renovation or Repairs

Before putting your homes for sale, it’s very important that you paint if needed, plus repair any cracks or holes and make renovations, where necessary. Buyers do not want a home with peeling wallpapers, stained/dirty carpets, insufficient lighting or one that’s cluttered with lots of furniture and other stuff.

To begin with, you should focus on the front door. Whether you are selling a regular home or have a luxury home for sale, you should remember that it isn’t just about the home, but you have to emphasize how you are selling a lifestyle. Since that begins right at the front door, you should paint your front door if needed and renovate the porch so that they look inviting. Polishing or replacing the hardware is another task to do, as it will make all the difference if your shining home shows the buyer how you have an eye for the details.

You need to concentrate on the flooring of your property too. Using hardwood floors is a good option as they add elegance and value and at the same time, are low-maintenance and anti-allergic.

You should consider natural light as your primary source when it comes to lighting. While putting your homes for sale, do away with older blinds and curtains, in addition to replacing broken or outdated lighting fixtures.

As cracks in the ceilings or walls indicate construction problems or poor maintenance, they are likely to create a negative impression on the buyers. Therefore, you should fix them up.

Do clean your home

Your first step is to de-clutter your house by removing anything and everything that might distract your potential buyer’s attention. Really, whether it’s about those old curtains, a broken piece of furniture stacked in the garage, or your toothpaste and other stuff laying jumbled up in the bathroom, you need to clear them all. Also, make sure to clean out your cabinets and closets.

I highly recommend that you should scrub and clean the floors, give your walls a fresh coat of paint (preferably in neutral color), renovate your bathroom, if necessary, and remove odors (of pets, in the garbage or kitchen etc.) if any. Often times a property owner will simply not have an eye for their own needs, so it is best to ask a trusted friend or your real estate agent. Give us a call* to list your home and this is just one of the many things we will do for you for free. There is NO cost to list your home, only a small 6% fee if we sell it. No sale means no commission or fee for us.

Home Exterior

Since your potential buyers will form their first impressions based on how inviting and clean your exterior looks, you need to take special care of the outdoor setting to pique their interest. A simple and cost-effective way is to power wash your exteriors, which will also take less effort than a paint job. However, if you want to, giving a fresh paint coat is always a good move. You also need to ensure that your lawn, trees, hedges and other plants are neatly pruned and well-maintained. Making the sidewalks and pool, if any, clean and clear as well as putting new doormats for the front/back doors are other steps to take, which can help you showcase your home in the best way.

Then do a finishing touch

Just before your buyers arrive, you could take a few steps like making sure your home smells and looks great, such as putting some fresh flowers in vases, plug-in or spray room fresheners will help impress the buyers. These measures will all help your sale happen faster and smoother. Take my word for it, I have 30 years experience dealing with real estate sales.

Finally, Analyze market trends

To fully comprehend the market trends in our area, you can look at the sold houses or opt for a free property appraisal from online portals dealing with real estate. Consulting an experienced realtor like Donald J. Leske Sr. of BCI Properties LLC is also a good idea. Getting advice from a professional is important to ensure that you set the right price, but also to attract your targeted buyers and eventually, get a good price for your property.
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